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Internet Service Provider (ISP)

In the year 2013, SACOFA has been awarded the Application Services License 435/2013 by Malaysian Communication and Multimedia (MCMC) and it enables SACOFA to become one of the Internet Service Provider in Sarawak.

We are able to provide services as below:

Direct Internet Access (DIA)

We have a very competitive package customized to suit your needs and requirement. Ready to serve you via dedicated wired and wireless services.


Point-to-Point Data Connectivity (Dedicated Leased Line)

We offer a point-to-Point connectivity between two or more locations with symmetrical speed and data via dedicated wired and wireless services.


IT Managed Services

We offer IT Managed Services such as:

  1. Server Co-Location Service
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Vulnerability Assesstment Service (Security)
  4. Cloud Services

FTTx High Speed Internet (SOFIA)

SOFIA stands for Sacofa Open Fibre Infra Access where we can deliver high speed internet connections to residential or commercial buildings.


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